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Greg,Man of the year 2017 & most improved runner 2017-2018

Hi Iā€™m Greg and I joined The Outrunnners in September 2017, after searching 'local running clubs in East London' on Google.

I enjoy coming to the Outrunnners session, as all the other members are all very nice, and very supportive.

The running club has a really good vibe to it....and we also have a few social events throughout the year, where we let our hair down.

From coming to the sessions I've also discovered new areas in London that I traditionally wouldn't go to, as they are a bit far away from where I'm located.

Prior to when I started coming along to the sessions the maximum I was running was maybe seven miles. But after attending that first session my weekly mileage increased.

I also managed to run both a half and full marathon within the 1st 11 months of joining the club, which was remarkable when I think back on it.